Wolfman 2010 Movie


Lawrence Talbot’s childhood ended the night was when her mother died. Then he left his village (Blackmoor), but it took many years to recover and forget. One day, Gwen Conliffe, the bride of his brother asks him to seek help, then disappeared. Talbot then returns home and learns to be a brutal and bloodthirsty has killed many peasants. He soon discovers that an ancient curse that turns the afflicted into werewolves during a full moon.To end the slaughter and protecting the woman he has fallen in love, Talbot must destroy the fearsome creature that lurks in the forest near the village. When he finally goes after her, discovers that he also has a dark and primitive side I could not even imagine. Remake of the classic 1941 Curt Siodmak.Watch Wolfman 2010 Movie and Many More Horror Movies safely.