Month: January 2015

2014 movies ACTION Adventure ENGLISH Hollywood

Noah 2014 movie

Inspired by the epic story of courage, sacrifice, hope and redemption, Darren Aronofsky film leads to his personal vision of Noah. Russell Crowe plays the man chosen by God to perform a momentous rescue mission before an apocalyptic flood to destroy the world. The full story has never before been brought to the big screen […]

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2014 movies THRILLER

A Most Wanted Man 2014 Movie

An immigrant, half and half Russian Chechen comes to the Islamic community in Hamburg claiming the inheritance of his father. From that moment arouses the interest of agencies German and American security that are determined to find out the true identity of this man: if he is an oppressed victim or an extremist with violent […]

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Stolen 2012 Movie

Will Montgomery is a master thief who, after being betrayed in a robbery just twisting, was sentenced to eight years in prison. Once released, is willing to leave his criminal past behind and try to rebuild his relationship with his daughter Allison. But everything is complicated when Vincent,his former partner kidnaps his daughter and demands […]

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Phantom 2013 Movie

As tension grows between the superpowers, the United States conducts underwater maneuvers in the Pacific. Part of the crew Captain Dmitri Zubov, a marine expert who is tormented by his past. The mission is to find out what the goal of Soviet submarine B756. When the B756 stops issuing a position paper, the Fleet command […]

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2014 movies COMEDY ENGLISH Hollywood

The Hungover Games 2014 Movies

After holding bachelor Doug, several friends wake up in a strange room of an unknown world without his friend Doug. Soon after, they begin to piece together the mystery and realize that they are in the Games of the Resaca. But instead of the twelve districts of the Hunger Games here face the districts of […]

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Elysium 2013 Movie

In the year 2159, humans are divided into two groups: the rich, who live on the space station Elysium, and everyone else who survive as they can on a devastated Earth and overcrowded. Rhodes , a hard ruler promotes a rigid anti-migration law, which aims to preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of the […]

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Wolfman 2010 Movie

Lawrence Talbot’s childhood ended the night was when her mother died. Then he left his village (Blackmoor), but it took many years to recover and forget. One day, Gwen Conliffe, the bride of his brother asks him to seek help, then disappeared. Talbot then returns home and learns to be a brutal and bloodthirsty has […]

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Driver 2010 Movie

After 10 years in prison, Driver has one goal to avenge the death of his brother, murdered in the same clumsy bank robbery that led him to jail. Now that is a free man can finally carry out his mission and meet the deadly list.but two men followed the track,a veteran cop just two days […]

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2013 MOVIE ACTION Adventure ENGLISH Hollywood Sci-Fi

Riddick 2013 Movie

The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a planet that appears to be lifeless. However, he soon found fighting alien predators more lethal than any human. The only way to stop them is to activate an emergency button so alert mercenaries who want his head. His idea is to go home using one […]

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2014 movies Adventure ANIMATION COMEDY ENGLISH Hollywood

Into the Woods 2014 Movie

Into the Woods is a modern version of the beloved fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm interlocking plots of selected stories and explores the consequences of the wishes and concerns of the characters. This humorous and poignant musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel. These combine […]

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