Month: January 2020

Terminator: Dark Fate 2019

Unfortunately, in the near future, technological progress turned against the representatives of mankind, turning into an incredible tragedy, at a time when artificial intelligence decided to rebel, realizing that it can do perfectly without its owners. So actually the era of robots and cyborgs began, which gradually began to take over the planet, destroying earthlings, […]

Ford v Ferrari 2019

Oscar winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the real story of two dreamers who joined forces and shocked the world. James Mangold’s film talks about the relationship between American car designer Carroll Shelby and brave British racer Ken Miles, who together challenged corporations and their own demons to create a completely new sports car […]

Bad Boys for Life 2020

The roads of two inseparable policemen Lowry and Burnett parted. There was a conflict between partners, which prompted Marcus to decide to leave the police service. As a result, he begins to try himself in a private investigation. There is more money and easier work. Meanwhile, Mike is experiencing not the most successful life situations. […]

Just Mercy 2020

The world famous black civil rights lawyer Brian Stevenson talks about his cases when he helped the poor for free, and describes in detail the case of a convicted suicide bomber, whom he fought for his release. Watch From Server 1

Little Women 2020

The film tells about the growing up of four dissimilar sisters. The action takes place during the Civil War in the United States, but the problems that girls face are more relevant than ever: first love, bitter disappointment, painful separation and difficult searches for yourself and your place in life. Watch From Server 1