Month: April 2016

Watch Crash Point Zero Movie

A scientist recovers a powerful weapon created by inventor Nicola Tesla in the early twentieth century. Now, the plane carrying the device and a disparate group of passengers crashes in the Canadian mountains. The battle to survive begins.

Watch The Wicked Movie

The Wicked is a horror title set for release through Image Entertainment. This direct-to-home video film focuses on urban legends and witchcraft. Apparently, LaDeanne LaRene, the witch, has been killing kids near Bogie Lake for sometime. And, several local youths are barely up to the task of stopping her. Well shot and acted, The Wicked […]

Watch Careless Movie

An offbeat comedy in the style of “Bottle Rocket” and “After Hours”. Wiley Roth finds a severed human finger in his kitchen one night. Understandably freaked out, Wiley and his best friend Mitch try to figure out the mystery of the finger, in a search across Los Angeles that brings them in contact with psychics, […]

Watch White Lion

For years the people of the Shangaan longer for the return of a white lion to their African valley as a white lion was believed to be a messenger from the Gods. So when a white lion cub is spotted a young Shangaan man Gisani (Thabo Malema/John Kani) finds himself watching over the cub which […]

Watch Razortooth Movie

The concept is based on a true story concerning an exotic species of eels that are released in the southeast from Asia. They breathe air and can survive on land.

Watch Shoulder Arms Movie

Charlie is a soldier who struggles to march but volunteered for dangerous missions. Released a few months before the armistice, Shoulder Arms was originally intended to be a feature. The subject is very delicate: laugh with war is perilous, especially as some of Chaplin detractors blamed him for my lack of patriotism. With great art, […]

Watch New World Order Movie

New World Order, the new documentary from SeeThink Films and IFC, opens with an audio recording of John F. Kennedy addressing the American Newspaper Publisher’s Association in 1961. “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society,” he says. “And we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, […]

Watch Apocalypse Pompeii Movie

The film begins with a prologue showing some Hispanic family fleeing in terror from a volcano eruption. Oddly, however, this has almost nothing to do with the film—a film set on the other side of the globe in Italy! After the credits roll, you see a family in Naples.