Month: November 2016

Watch Hitman: Agent 47 2015 Movie

The film is an adaptation of the video game “Hitman” focuses on the title character, a genetically murderer modified created from recombined DNA of five of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Its name comes from the last two digits of a barcode on the back of his head – from 640,509 to 040,147. […]

Watch Time Lapse 2014 Movie

Three friends find a mysterious machine that takes pictures of what will happen 24 hours later, the boys decide to use it to get rich winning bets. However, soon they hit problems when undue disturb people, and the machine starts to predict the immediate future dangerous

Watch China Girl 1987 Movie

China Girl is a contemporary take on the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Set in 1980s Manhattan, the plot revolves around the intimate relationship developing between Tony, a teenage boy from Little Italy, and Tye, a teenage girl from Chinatown, while both of their older brothers become engrossed in a heated gang war against […]

Watch Benny & Joon 1993 Movie

Joon is a girl who has lost his head completely, but the fact is that it has good reasons for having done so . His parents have died, something Joon, whose character is very delicate, could not overcome.Benny is his brother, who cares for and protects Joon the best way he knows. The wants and […]

Watch Kiss Me Again 2006 Movie

When Julian, a happily married university professor, he realizes that is falling for Elena, a beautiful Spanish student, principles begin to crumble. Driven by desire, Julian asks his wife Chalice a trio to improve their relationship. What Chalice not know is that Julian knows who is the third person for the trio. Surprisingly, things do […]

Watch Sex and Death 101 2007 Movie

A week before her wedding, Roderick Blank (Simon Baker), a satisfied alanya escort with their personal and professional life, man receives a mysterious email containing the names of all the women he has slept in the past and also those with which it will lie in the future. On his way a “femme fatale ‘(Winona […]

Watch The Other Sister 1999 Movie

The main theme of the film is based on mental retardation maltepe escort and how parents can get to the point of being too overprotective. Carla is a woman with mild mental retardation, born into a family of high social class and its characteristics as retarded person were not very well received in his family. […]