Month: January 2017


Watch Lone Survivor 2013 Movie

Year 2005. An elite team of US Army SEAL Special Forces, led by Marcus Luttrell along with three other soldiers are assigned a dangerous mission, the “Operation Red Wing” Capture or kill a Taliban terrorist leader, Admad Shad who is hiding in a forested area of ​​Afghanistan. The arrival at the point where they located […]

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ACTION Adventure

Watch X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 Movie

The story began with the great ‘X-Men’ in 2000. However, providing Is far from being a highlight and does not end anything. It is a delivery, piloted automatically, that adds nothing particularly positive or relevant . If anything, confusion about how this timeline fits with the first trilogy

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Watch The Darkest Hour Movie

A group of Americans travel to Moscow coinciding with an alien invasion of the city. Thermometers mark 40 degrees during the most intense heat wave in Moscow’s history. Two young men are looking for cover under an abandoned police car on Red Square, now completely deserted. They are not looking for a shade to ward […]

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2013 MOVIE

Watch Escape Plan 2013 Movie

Ray Breslin, an expert in prison security faces his biggest challenge escape from the prison he has designed. In prison he meets the enigmatic Church, a guy who has earned the respect of all prisoners for being able to keep them sane in the darkest hours.

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Watch Dirty Grandpa 2016 Movie

A man, recently widowed and very eager to live convinces his grandson to take a road trip to Florida. The grandson who according to his grandfather is about to marry the wrong girl, will discover to his amazement that the old man is more crazy than he thought and that unlike him, he has no […]

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Watch She Wants Me 2012 movie

Sam, a New York writer with neurotic character is immersed in the preparation of his next movie. He meets a charming girl who shows a surprising interest in interpreting the main role of his movie. There would be no problem if the protagonist had not previously promised his current girlfriend aspiring actress.

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