2021 ACTION BIOGRAPHY Documentary

Being James Bond: Daniel Craig Story 2021

Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story 2021 is the latest released movie in Hollywood. It is a documentary movie which is about the character James Bond which is a very famous character in spy movies. James Bond character is played by Daniel Craig wonderfully and get huge of popularity through this character. Her acting […]

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2021 Adventure BIOGRAPHY DRAMA

Blue Miracle 2021

In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Omar is a former street child who runs an orphanage for local boys. He uses to be a part of drug dealing once. The bank is ready to collect the funds of the orphanage as they are gone very low. But the teens living there do not want to lose […]

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2019 Movies 2020 Movies ACTION BIOGRAPHY DRAMA ENGLISH Hollywood

Ford v Ferrari 2019

Oscar winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the real story of two dreamers who joined forces and shocked the world. James Mangold’s film talks about the relationship between American car designer Carroll Shelby and brave British racer Ken Miles, who together challenged corporations and their own demons to create a completely new sports car […]

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2019 Movies ACTION Adventure BIOGRAPHY ENGLISH Hollywood

The Aeronauts 2019

The events take place in London in the fall of 1862. Meteorologist James Glacier suggests that the weather can be predicted and begins to explore this theory. He has not always been able to make accurate predictions, which is why other scientists make fun of Glacier’s work and call him the “weather handler.” To prove […]

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Ip Man 4-The Finale 2019

Ye Wen was invited to Chinatown in San Francisco. On the one hand, he wanted to understand Bruce Lee’s situation, and at the same time, he wanted to arrange a rebellious son to study in the United States. However, he saw that the Chinese were severely discriminated against and oppressed by white people, and even […]

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Watch Lone Survivor 2013 Movie

Year 2005. An elite team of US Army SEAL Special Forces, led by Marcus Luttrell along with three other soldiers are assigned a dangerous mission, the “Operation Red Wing” Capture or kill a Taliban terrorist leader, Admad Shad who is hiding in a forested area of ​​Afghanistan. The arrival at the point where they located […]

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The Imitation Game 2014 Movie

The Imitation Game , is based on the life of mathematical genius Alan Turing, who also serves as a tribute film. It is brilliantly played by Benedict Cumberbatch , channeling some sort of serious version Sheldon Cooper. It is an educational, entertaining, solid film and a little vanilla, fails to take all the drama and […]

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2014 movies BIOGRAPHY

Captain Phillips 2014 Movie

A captivating piracy thriller starring Tom Hanks: off the Somali coast pirates attacked a US container ship. Captain and crew are fighting for their lives – and can not prevent. Watch Captain Phillips 2014 Movie and More Online Movies From Safe and Secure Links.

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Rush 2013 Movie

it tells the rivalry that kept two Formula 1 drivers, the British James Hunt and Niki Lauda Austrian. Especially in 1976, the year in which Lauda suffered a serious accident that nearly cost him his life. Watch Rush 2013 Movie and More high quality online movies from Secure and Safe Links.

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Lone Survivor 2013 Movie

A team of elite special forces SEAL US Army, led by Marcus Luttrell and three other soldiers are on a dangerous mission entrusted to them, “Operation red wing” capture or kill a Taliban terrorist leader Admad Shad, who is hiding in a wooded area of ​​Afghanistan. The arrival at the point where the target is […]

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