Month: August 2021

2021 Adventure COMEDY

Vacation Friends 2021

Vacation Friends 2021 movie co-star Howery and Orji as Marcus and Emily. This movie is directed by Clay Tarver. It is an American buddy comedy movie. It follows a couple meets up with another couple while on vacation in Mexico. But their friendship takes an awkward turn when they get back home. Marcus and Emily […]

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The Gateway 2021

The Gateway is the newly released Hollywood movie. The movie is released recently with its amazing story plot. In the movie, we see a lot of drama and thrillers. In the movie, we see that a single mother whose husband is in prison for a serious crime depends on a social worker who helps to […]

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2021 Sci-Fi THRILLER

The Colony 2021

The Colony is a 2021 released sci-fi film. The film is coordinated by Tim Fehlbaum and the film story takes us to a future where the Earth was close to its demise so people leave everything here and take cover on another planet called Kepler. On the new planet, they live comfortably however they feel […]

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The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf 2021

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf 2021 is an animated movie which is released recently. The movie is directed by Michael Morrissey. The movie basically revolves around the character whose name is Vesemir who is a witcher. He becomes a Witcher to earn money and fame. One day at work when he fights with a […]

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2021 DRAMA

In the Heights 2021

In the Heights 2021 movie follows a story of a corner in the predominantly Dominican Washington Heights. This is an American musical drama film directed by Jon M. Chu. It is based on the stage musical of the same name by Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The film stars Corey Hawkins, Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, Olga […]

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