Month: January 2016

2008 Movie DRAMA WAR

Download The Children of Huang Shi 2008 Movie

George Hogg, a young British journalist, poses as an aid employee in 1937 China so as to achieve access to Nanjing, a region sanctioned off by the Japanese. Once weaving upon a mass execution, he finds himself within a sticky scenario with the Japanese till being saved by an explosives professional who is a component […]

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Watch Battledogs 2015 Hollywood movie

Battledogs is an American Action-Horror movie which is directed by Alexander Yellen. The star cast of the movie is Craig Sheffer,Kate Vernon,Dennis Haysbert and Ariana Richards.the movie is wrtten by Shane Van Dyke.New York City is affected by a dangerous virus that spreads very fast, a virus which turns humans into werewolves. The Teeth of […]

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2015 Movie ACTION COMEDY CRIME Uncategorized

Watch Redirected 2015 Full movie

Redirected is a British-Lithuanian gangster action comedy movie which is directed by Emilis Vėlyvis The star cast of the movie is Vinnie Jones,Vytautas Šapranauskas and Scot Williams.The movie was released in United Kingdom on 13 November 2014.The story of the movie revolves around Four friends John,Tim,Ben and Michael first became thieves, they are stranded in […]

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2015 Movie Hollywood HORROR

Watch Dead On Appraisal 2015 Movie

This haunting collection first story is THE MORNING AFTER. A group of friends wake to find a nightmare in the form of a killer bug invasion. John is feared to hear the story of Robbie, a young veteran who comes back home to spend rest of his time with his father. Then there’s Freddie Cooper […]

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