Month: February 2020

Guns Akimbo 2020

Miles enjoyed writing extreme comments on online bulletin boards and video comments. One night, Miles wrote as usual offensive comments while watching the illegal martial arts of skim online. The commentator, who sponsored the skim, was furious at the comment and, after identifying Miles, ordered his men to abduct him. Later, Miles was locked in […]

The Night Clerk 2020

The Night Clerk 2020 is one of the best Suspense movies directed and written by Michael Cristofer. It was released on 21st Feb, 2020. It is an America Crime Drama Film which is going very well on the box office in its just first week of the release date. The story starts from a night […]

Brahms-The Boy II 2020

A young couple moves to Heelshire Mansion, unaware of the tragic history of that place. The son quickly discovers Brahms, a porcelain doll, who becomes his new best friend … and that will terrify their lives .. Watch From Server 1

Doctor Sleep 2019

Danny Torrance, a boy with a supernatural gift of “shine,” who survived the nightmare of waking up and the collapse of his family at the Overlook Hotel, grew up an unhappy alcoholic. He has to use his abilities again to help the even more gifted girl Abra, who is being hunted. Ewan McGregor and Rebecca […]