Month: May 2015

2015 Movie ACTION Sci-Fi

Parallels 2015 Movie

Boxer Ronan follows the mailbox message of his father, which he turned his back years ago. With his sister Beatrix and neighbor Harry he enters a vacant high-rise in the City – and ends up in a parallel world where he meets Polly, jumping with the building every 36 hours in another world. Watch Parallels […]

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Penelope Movie

There has long been a bourgeois had an affair with one of his servants, who ends up committing suicide while she was pregnant. The mother of the maid, local witch, cast a spell on the family, the first born daughter would a pig’s head. Watch Penelope Movie and Online Movie Steaming From Secure and Direct […]

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2014 movies ACTION Adventure

Big Game 2014 Movie

When the plane of the US President is shot down by terrorists over the Finnish forest area and he was able to escape with a capsule, his only chance of survival is a 13 year old boy who is at his father’s request there on their own put in the forest a great hunter and […]

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2009 Movie ACTION

Daybreakers 2009 Movie

The Spierig have moved away from the hackneyed ways of goticismo Bram Stoker or Anne Rice vampires to carry an elegant and not too distant future in which everyone from school children to presidents, are bloodsuckers. ” Daybreakers questions how we would adapt if we all we converted into vampires tomorrow,” says Michael Spierig. “Our […]

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The Condemned Movie

The late 80s the issue had been drawn in by fleets and a half hours, now are’s whopping 113 minutes. However, it is questionable whether this really is the spice would have been in the future, the film suffers from Scott Wipers even so some other. Watch The Condemned Movie and More Online Movies from […]

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A Good Day to Die Hard

The son of super cop John McClane seems to be in big trouble. He has been arrested in Moscow after shooting a man in cold blood in a nightclub.Watch A Good Day to Die Hard 2013 Movie and More Action Movies From Safe and Direct Links.

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2014 movies ACTION

The Raid 2 2014 Movie

Magnificent sequel to the great action movie was The Raid. While The Raid I found one of the best action movies ever made ​​in terms of choreography and stunts, the second part not only the same but perhaps exceeds that paragraph to its predecessor. Watch The Raid 2 2014 Movie and More Action Movies from […]

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2015 Movie COMEDY

The DUFF 2015 Movie

The DUFF is the kind of films that should be evaluated in two parts, the first as far as the technical and narrative terms, and the second by the relevant factor. Watch The DUFF 2015 Movie and more online Movies from safe links.

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2015 Movie

The Wedding Ringer 2015 Movie

There was pretty much everything. Date gurus that will help men to arrive in women, represent secretaries who play the wife of her boss, strangers, the whole family. Since it is fitting that even a groomsmen you can specify if the finances are right. Watch The Wedding Ringer 2015 Movie from safe and secure Links.

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2008 Movie ACTION

Doomsday 2008 Movie

After a virus has decimated populations of Scotland, a wall was erected between infected areas and the rest of the UK. But in 2035, the virus re-emerged in the slums of London. The Prime Minister then decides to put 12 million people in quarantine and sent his best agent to look for what could be […]

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