Month: March 2015

Exodus 2014 Movie

Exodus: Gods and Kings is based on the biblical book of “Exodus” along with some of the stories of the Old Testament. The film chronicles the life of Moses from the day he was born until his death. This looks at key moments such as adoption at the Egyptian royal family or their challenge to […]

Lone Survivor 2013 Movie

A team of elite special forces SEAL US Army, led by Marcus Luttrell and three other soldiers are on a dangerous mission entrusted to them, “Operation red wing” capture or kill a Taliban terrorist leader Admad Shad, who is hiding in a wooded area of ​​Afghanistan. The arrival at the point where the target is […]

Kite 2014 Movie

A young woman continues, with the help of former partner of his father, her desire for revenge by stalking those who are responsible for the death of her parents. Watch Kite 2014 Movie and More Free online Movies from safe and Direct Links.

John Wick 2014 Movie

Jon Wick is a former murderer who observes impassive as a thief steals his car, a Ford Mustang 69, and kill the dog that his wife gave him. Wick pursues the offender and discovers that his father is a Mafia boss in New York, which has high reward for his head. Coincidentally hired to hunt […]

Dragonheart 3 2015 movie

Gareth wants to be a knight. In any case, he already considers himself a knight. As he observed a comet falling down, he looks for it,But in fact, he finds the dragon Drago and nine dragon eggs. Watch Dragonheart 3 2015 movie and more Adventure movies securely.

Divergent 2014 Movie

The story takes place in a dystopian world where society is divided into five factions. Each is dedicated to cultivating a particular virtue: Truth (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Daring (the brave), Agreeableness (peaceful) and Lore (smart). As has already turned sixteen, Beatrice Prior must choose which belong faction. While falls for a young girl […]

Year One 2009 Movie

In their tribe, Zed is a hunter and Oh is ceuilleur. Both are very talented. One day, Zed decides to bite into the forbidden fruit. It is then forced to leave the village, followed by Oh, he accidentally burned the house. Watch Year One 2009 Movie and More Adventure Movies Securely.

Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz 2013 Movie

Third part of the “Outpost” saga, directed by Kieran Parker. The origin of the monstrous supernatural Nazi soldiers and shows the fierce battle against one of the most ruthless and notorious military, the Russian Spetsnaz. Watch Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz 2013 Movie and More Action Movies Securely.

Radio Rebel 2012 Movie

Tara is a shy high school student as she is incapable of writing a single letter on the board before class But the girl has an incredible secret that she’s Radio Rebel. Watch Radio Rebel 2012 Movie and more Drama Movies Securely.

Addicted 2014 Movie

Based on the best-seller written by Zane, the story focuses on Zoe Reynard, a successful business woman, wearing a happy, seemingly perfect with the man of her dreams, her husband Jason lives and two children. But Zoe has a problem, she is addicted to sex. Sexual impulses will still dominate, and needs to satisfy your […]