Extinct 2021

Extinct is the story about the Galapagos who live on an island happily. In there, two Galapagos Op and Ed who are very naughty and their naughtiness make every time some trouble for everyone. In the flower festival, they both are restricted for entry so they accidentally travel time where they knowing their village will […]

Vacation Friends 2021

Vacation Friends 2021 movie co-star Howery and Orji as Marcus and Emily. This movie is directed by Clay Tarver. It is an American buddy comedy movie. It follows a couple meets up with another couple while on vacation in Mexico. But their friendship takes an awkward turn when they get back home. Marcus and Emily […]

Cruella 2021

Estella is a pre-Cruella young lady who is not like those who use to hurt animals. She is never been savage to such creatures. But after the death of her mom, she started disliking the dogs as she thinks that Dalmatians are the cause of her mother’s demise. She attempts to diminish the hardship from […]

The Kissing Booth 2 2020

Exclusive The Kissing Booth 2 2020 movies streaming online absolutely free. The second installment focuses on the long distance relationship between the couple. Noah is in Boston studying at Harvard, and Elle is in California. At first everything goes well, but jealousy appears with the arrival of two people: Chloe and Marco. Download more movierz […]

Spenser Confidential 2020

Spenser (Mark Wahlberg), a former police detective better known for creating problems than solving them, has just left prison and is preparing to leave Boston. But first, he is convinced to help his old boxing coach prepare Hawk, an amateur with potential. When two of his former colleagues appear dead, Spenser takes justice into his […]

Guns Akimbo 2020

Miles enjoyed writing extreme comments on online bulletin boards and video comments. One night, Miles wrote as usual offensive comments while watching the illegal martial arts of skim online. The commentator, who sponsored the skim, was furious at the comment and, after identifying Miles, ordered his men to abduct him. Later, Miles was locked in […]

Bad Boys for Life 2020

The roads of two inseparable policemen Lowry and Burnett parted. There was a conflict between partners, which prompted Marcus to decide to leave the police service. As a result, he begins to try himself in a private investigation. There is more money and easier work. Meanwhile, Mike is experiencing not the most successful life situations. […]

Dolittle 2020

Seven years ago, Dr. Doolittle, a renowned veterinarian living in Victorian England, lost his wife. Now he leads a reclusive lifestyle, hiding behind the high walls of his estate. Exotic animals from his collection are his only company.But when an unknown illness becomes a threat to the life of the young queen, Dr. Doolittle has […]

Cats 2019

The film reinvents the musical for generations to come with impressive set design, impressive technology and dance styles from classic ballet to contemporary dance and hip-hop to jazz, street dance and steppe. Watch From Server 1

Jumanji-The Next Level 2019

After escaping from the previous work , Spencer kept a secretly destroyed part of Jumanji and repaired the system at his grandfather’s house. Later, Spencer’s friends Bethany, Fridge and Martha come home. The three people who have determined that he has entered the game world again will return to Jumanji and rescue him. Spencer’s grandfather […]