Month: March 2020


The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020

Chan Dongs (Ma Dong-seok), the boss of an organization that was accidentally targeted by a serial killer but wasn’t killed, and Cheong Tae-seok, a powerful mad dog who is keen to catch the murderer. Watch From Server 1

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Spenser Confidential 2020

Spenser (Mark Wahlberg), a former police detective better known for creating problems than solving them, has just left prison and is preparing to leave Boston. But first, he is convinced to help his old boxing coach prepare Hawk, an amateur with potential. When two of his former colleagues appear dead, Spenser takes justice into his […]

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2020 Movies ENGLISH Hollywood THRILLER

Escape from Pretoria 2020

Escape from Pretoria is a thriller movie based on real-life events. The movie follows Jenkin and Stephen Lee. Anti-apartheid activist Tim Jenkin (Daniel Radcliffe) was arrested and put in the maximum-security prison in Pretoria. There he made plans to break out with Stephen Lee (Daniel Webber) – and put them into practice in 1978. Watch […]

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2020 Movies ACTION Adventure ENGLISH FAMILY Hollywood

Sonic the Hedgehog 2020

The protagonist, named Sonic, is a loose, bright blue hedgehog with supernatural powers. One day, he lands on the vast Earth. Now he will have to get acquainted with the world of people. Soon, he ceases to be amazed at every lane in the city, and begins to gradually master, entering the rhythm of a […]

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2020 Movies ACTION DRAMA ENGLISH Hollywood Sci-Fi

Bloodshot 2020

This movie story starts with an American military operation in Mombasa, Kenya. Elite fighter Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) brings his mission to a successful end and returns, as always with new scratches, to his wife Gina (Talulah Riley). Together they want to spend a nice time. But then they fall into the hands of the […]

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2020 Movies DRAMA ENGLISH Hollywood ROMANCE

All the Bright Places 2020

Finch is very outcast at school and Violet is among the popular but after she was in a car accident and lost her big sister Elanor, she has been in deep sadness. They met for the first time in the school bell tower by chance where they both had the thought of jumping down. Later […]

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Dark Waters 2020

Robert Bilott, a corporate attorney, is discovering a connection between the many illnesses and deaths of a small town and the activities of a chemical company called DuPont. As it turns out, the company has been pouring chemical compounds into the local river illegally for decades. Watch From Server 1

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