Watch Sex Tape Movie
A couple of those who in their youth were all day fucking like rabbits, lose their sexual appetite after marrying and having children. To retrieve the “magic”, they decide to make a homemade porn video, which ends synchronized with all Apple peripherals through the cloud. Some of these peripherals are in the hands of comic side. To tell this I have summarized in little lines, Kasdan takes more than 30 minutes. To this we must add that many jokes burns by excessive repetition, others already very visible, and the funniest and have disemboweled in advertisements and promotional clips. Neither it provides much that what is presented as an adventure, stay in 3 stories, ie only see them have a hard time to recover an iPad and pave a company, the rest just create conflict. To make matters worse, our protagonist lives surrounded by technology and Apple does not know that the solution is just a click away. Very sad some of the resolutions.