Watch Angel Warriors 2016 Movie
A group of five very interesting and successful in life, plus a guy who accompanies and protects girls, and every summer will find a different adventure. This summer, head to one of the almost virgin jungles of Thailand, to see magnificent sites and find the tribe of the tiger, people with some ancestral traditions and with very little contact with civilization. This trip will be undertaken with a guide who is a member of the tribe, or rather, the successor of a family of leaders, also with a team from National Geographic a little peculiar. The end is that the tribe is at war with anyone who wants to find them and that reporters are actually a group of mercenaries who want to grab a diamond yacimineto s that are in the area. The girls end up making friends with the tribe and even almost some members more, and together with other warriors of the tribe and the descendant of the leaders should face the mercenaries to protect the area, to avenge the fallen members and to save their own lives.