Bad Boys for Life 2020

The roads of two inseparable policemen Lowry and Burnett parted. There was a conflict between partners, which prompted Marcus to decide to leave the police service. As a result, he begins to try himself in a private investigation. There is more money and easier work. Meanwhile, Mike is experiencing not the most successful life situations. He develops a depression typical of a midlife crisis, prompting a man to think that it’s time to start a bachelor life and look for a second half.Yes, and a new partner, assigned to him instead of Marcus, daily gets on his nerves. So everything would go on its own if fate itself had not intervened in the matter. A mercenary from Albania grinds a tooth of former friends of small sizes, wanting to avenge the death of his brother. Two crazy comrades have to unite again to stop the skilled and “frostbitten” killer!

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