Watch The Other Sister 1999 Movie
The main theme of the film is based on mental retardation maltepe escort and how parents can get to the point of being too overprotective. Carla is a woman with mild mental retardation, born into a family of high social class and its characteristics as retarded person were not very well received in his family. Mother Elizabeth Tate, is a troubled woman kartal escort who fears for the safety of his daughter, thinks he knows what is best for her daughter, but is not, so Carla not surrender to anything, and will continue to insist on their thoughts. The mother thinks teased her, which makes her overprotective and that drowns Carla Tate. Daniel is an independent guy like Carla has a mild mental retardation, with two jobs who lives alone in an apartment, it automatically falls in love with Carla at the moment he sees her, and it infects Carla with her independent lifestyle, Carla is very fast friends with him and then ends up falling. Carla has two sisters: a lesbian sister and another teacher in the movie house, (so the film also deals with the issue of lesbianism) At the end love triumphs and the mother of Carla realizes that she must be free as it is a strong woman.