Watch Online Parker 2013 Movie

Parker 2013 Movie: Parker is a 2013 movie. The movie was directed by Taylor Hackford and produced by Les Alexander, Steven Chasman. The movie was released on 25 January 2013 on America. The movie is based on Parker and Leslie Rodgers. Who thief with a code of ethics very particular robs only the rich. After an operation, is betrayed by his team and left for dead. Then decides to adopt a new identity, what is proposed, with the help of Leslie Rodgers. The running time of the movie is 01 hour 58 minutes. You can watch Parker 2013 movie online for free without downloading and without any kind of premium registration or membership in high audio and video quality. The main characters of the movie are. The genre of the movie are Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, Micah A. Hauptman and Daniel Bernhardt. The genre of the movie are action and crime.