Crank Full Movie
Crank Movie is an American 2006 comedy/action movie which is written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor The Star cast of the movie is Jason Statham, Jose Pablo and Amy Smart. Chev Chelios is a Chinese-based British hitman, working for a crime syndicate headed by Uglyman . Chelios is contracted by Carlito to kill mafia boss Don Kim . Carlito betrays Chelios by making it appear he assassinated Don Kim on his own, without his authorization. Ricky Verona , an ambitious small-time criminal uses the opportunity to conspire with Carlito against Chelios; Verona will kill Chelios so the Triads do not retaliate, and then take Chelios’s place as Carlito’s new hired gun. While Chelios sleeps in his apartment, Verona, his brother Alex and several henchmen break in and inject Chelios with a Chinese synthetic drug which inhibits the flow of adrenaline, slowing the heart and eventually killing the victim. Chelios wakes to find a recording left by Verona showing what he has done.high quality online movies Without any subscription.