The Retreat 2021

In the film, a lesbian couple is wanting to spend some energy with companions in a far-off lodge. For this, they planned a retreat for the entire week before their wedding. They believed that it will diminish the pressures and fights in their relationship. However, they don’t know that the inverse can also occur. As […]

Legacy of Lies 2020

Legacy of Lies 2020 is the latest hollywood movie in high definition quality. This thrilling film is a 2020 production directed by Adrienne Bull and starring Scott Adkins, Honor Nifsi and Andre Vasilio. The film’s synopsis states a former MI6 agent to find out the truth returns to the world of espionage in the case […]

Last Moment of Clarity 2020

Free Latest Hollywood movie Last Moment of Clarity 2020. Sam (Chuck Avery) is an ordinary New Yorker, but after his girlfriend Georgia (Samara Wimin) was murdered by a Bulgarian gang, his life was in chaos. In order to avoid the gang who killed his girlfriend, Sam fled to Paris. Three years later, Sam happened to […]

Gretel and Hansel 2020

The story of this movie starts from a little girl (Gretel) and her little brother (Hansel) is searching for shelter and food in a dark woods. They will be at the home of a woman who will gladly host them, but they will soon suspect that she is hiding a dangerous secret. Watch From Server […]

Contagion 2020

A business woman played by Gwyneth dies from a mysterious and deadly virus that has caused panic around the world. She contracted the virus in China through a handshake from a chef who cooked pork, and the unfortunate pig, in turn, was infected by a bat.The woman returns home to the US, gets sick and […]

Escape from Pretoria 2020

Escape from Pretoria is a thriller movie based on real-life events. The movie follows Jenkin and Stephen Lee. Anti-apartheid activist Tim Jenkin (Daniel Radcliffe) was arrested and put in the maximum-security prison in Pretoria. There he made plans to break out with Stephen Lee (Daniel Webber) – and put them into practice in 1978. Watch […]

Brahms-The Boy II 2020

A young couple moves to Heelshire Mansion, unaware of the tragic history of that place. The son quickly discovers Brahms, a porcelain doll, who becomes his new best friend … and that will terrify their lives .. Watch From Server 1

Angel Has Fallen 2019

The focus of the action movie “Fall of the Angel” is the secret service agent Mike Banning. He was close to the president, but was imprisoned and was charged with organizing an attempt on the first person in the state. Mike understands that he was framed to organize a real assassination attempt on the head […]

Watch Jurassic City 2015 Movie

In a top-secret lab, there is as the just always so doing to an accident. As if that was not dramatic enough, research is being conducted in this laboratory in dinosaurs. And thanks to the accident are clear of some raptors. Of course, you want to contain the outbreak, before too many people are eaten.

Watch Man in the Chair Movie

Cameron Kincaid could be a troubled high school child who loves classic movies and desires to be a filmmaker. He meets Flash in the associate empty movie throughout a screening of Welles’ “Touch of Evil” and bribes him with the promise of Cuban cigars and Wild Turkey to assist him to build a brief film […]